Transforming finance teams is about leaving people better than I found them.

When I go to clients to help them transform their finance teams, so much of it is about changing their mindsets to shift to a more leading edge, word class, forward thinking mindset. Often this revolves around them having to let go of the old way of doing things. It is a challenge indeed. As an agent of change I realise that this takes time, a luxury I do not have much of when I am at a client. One has to think out the box every time as each client and their finance team is different. In this article of the Wisdom Insights Series, I share with you a truth that has made a profound impact on my life.

So much about success in life is about letting go….letting go of things no longer working for us, letting go of associations that have gone stale, letting go of things we have no need for in life, letting go of things we have outgrown, letting go of things that are just not good for us and maybe have never been good for us, letting go of negative emotions, letting go of bad company, letting go of disappointment, letting go of sadness, letting go of anger, just letting go…

Yet so much of our day to day life revolves around acquiring more, gaining more, earning more, making more…

So, what about all the “stuff” we have acquired that we need to let go of?

To break a cycle, a rhythm, a mindset of acquiring to letting go is not easy. This is why life seems so challenging at times. My vision was to start small and dream big that I could transform this practice in my life to free myself from the chains of negativity and attachment. It has been over 5 years now and I have made progress…but it has been slow. Yet, the progress made would not have ever happened if I had not become aware of this truth and importance of letting go to meet my definition of success in my life.

So, what did I do? Many actions were taken. This week it came to my realization what the overarching action was that snowballed into so many aspects of my life to help me let go. I want to share this insight with you today.

I started off by doing a cleanout at home of things I needed to let go of. So, I gave away a lot. Then a few months later I would tackle the cupboards again and find that somehow I had kept something that I could actually give away…so I let it go. I also found that I had acquired new things that was just unnecessary. So, I gave it away. This was interesting as I was not keeping it for years before I let it go. Instead I recognized sooner rather than later that I needed to let it go. Eventually I started to do this more and more to the point where de-cluttering has now made my top 3 list of key actions to take daily to succeed in life.

I have not ever been a hoarder. You do not have to be a hoarder to let go of things you do not need. What I am trying to say is we just accumulate too much more than what we actually need to live. The same happens in our mind.

What I have found is that by putting out this energy to the universe of constantly being aware of what I need and what I do not need, it has started to change my thinking and seeped into other parts of my life. So now when I go shopping and about to buy something that is a want rather than a need, I ask myself: Does this add value to my life? If for example it is a beautiful vase I could put flowers in, then yes I see it as adding value to my life. But if I already have enough vases for flowers in my home then I need to not buy another one. So, you got to be flexible on how you apply that question. My point is that you just have to start asking this question more and more and then eventually it starts to spill over to other aspects of your life. The repetition of the question in your mind makes you ask the question on other aspects of your life. The action of cleaning out stuff you do not need at home repetitively drives a change in your thinking that drives a change in your behavior. Then before you know it you are actually starting to let go of people that are not good for you, jobs that are just too much work for you, pursuits that are draining you and so on. Things that in the past you could not let go of.

Try it. It works. Have fun letting go. It is liberating. It is energizing. It is freedom. It is generosity. It is more than I can describe. Start with just one little thing to let go off today. Keep it up daily. Get into a rhythm and before you know it your life will change.